Make a Wish


Late at night and I stood outside in the new moon and wind. I was sending off a prayer of gratitude.  I was grateful for… everything.  I also thought of all the messages I’ve received over the years and knew if nothing else, this was enough.  Yet I know that they will continue.  I then…

Let go.  Completely.  The universe had told me a while back that a seed had been planted – for many of us.  With a handful of warmer days here recently, I felt as if I’ve sprouted up as a new wildflower.  I now see that each cell has energy just as important as the chakra centers.  It’s all connected.  It all works together.  See the symbolism?

So for a moment, I felt like a dandelion in the wind as I let myself go… as I sent off my intensions and energy… free to find their way, wherever the wind may take them.  If it’s meant to be… they will take root and sprout up on their own.

Be.  Believe.  Be magical and divine.  Be free.  Shine on.  Share your ♥.

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