Are caterpillars blind?

Basically, yes.  I didn’t know this until now though.  I was outside standing in the sun.  I was determined to make a fresh, new, peppy youtube (it’s been a while since I tried) yet… nothing came.  Nothing.  Gheez, many of you know me – I can write and write.  I have thoughts, lol.   No video today though. 

Actually the day has been, s – l – o – w.  Nothing seems to be moving along in it’s normal rhythm.  Like a pause button is being hit often.  So I was greeted by this caterpillar and watched her.  She was often inching off the ledge.  Why was she doing this?  Oh my, she can’t see.  She has to use her resources and natural instincts and… FEEL.  How symbolic.  And many of us are feeling “it” but we don’t see it… yet.

A caterpillar is a symbol to surrender to the process of transformation.  Breathe with me 🙂

I’ve had two other signs.  A bump to the head – I am hard headed at times. Slow down.  Then I went to a new store that had opened in town.  I spent $25 to then come home and find an invitation in the mail to the store with a $5 off if you spend $25.  Haha… I’m a sucker for a coupon.  This too was symbolic.  A step ahead.  Wait to be invited – an even better deal.

Chapters are closing.  If today is quiet for you, I’ll share that I hear books closing with force on the astral level.  It’s like when the school bell rings and one is excited to get outside.  You are done with that lesson/book.  So whatever work you’ve done over the past few weeks, it’s also finishing up in other realities.  You’ll notice new opportunities soon.  You can’t rush this part.  In the meantime, we must feel our way around.  Stay safe and do what you love.  No overthinking.

We are learning to trust a new soul family.  One you might not even know about yet.  This is a rebirth.  It does feel a bit like… anticipation.

Often Spirit starts whispering just when I’m ready to go to bed.  Why?  My logical brain is tired and my heart is wide open.  So I listen and this is what I noted last night:

Many do not understand what is happening to them.  It was meant to happen. A moment yet that moment is indeed a lifetime in itself.  The awakening.   We compress it into a moment of your life now that seems to change the course.  Take nothing for granted.  More of these compressed moments will come.    Yah!

While it might look like not much is happening… with a closer look you’ll see things are blooming.  Breathe and smile with me.  All is well.  And hey, caterpillars do just fine… they turn into beautiful butterflies.  🙂

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  2. Warming up here again. Hopefully it stays warm this time, with no late freeze (that would hurt the apple crop even more). It was snowing last week in my area of Michigan.

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