Stuck between timelines?


Often one will hop a timeline in their sleep, not even knowing it and will awake, anew – just a bit different.  We underestimate the work that we do in our sleep.  At times, we also hop in our awake state in what seems like a simple, yet new choice that one makes.  Other times you know as you make a bigger choice.  You know that you are forever changed – as if you can feel it literally echo through lifetimes… because it is. Continue reading



After I finished typing my last post, I went and washed my hands.  I laughed since I wasn’t even sure, why. I just found myself at the sink (another dimension brain fart moment). Yet… very symbolic. I took a deep breath and connected with, all.  I thought, I’m done blogging, right?  Continue to pull in and understand?  Right…?  Wrong!  WRITE! Continue reading

Changing… yet again.


I started this post last night.  For the first time in 18 months of blogging, I wasn’t sure what to write.  With just about every post I’ve been driven to my laptop either out of the need to write or the knowing to write or… just for the sheer joy of it.  I  l-o-v-e  Spirit and writing has been a passion.  So it was strange to sit with my laptop and be so… neutral.  I did know though to, just write from my heart.  And, by today it did seem as if I had enough to write about. Continue reading

Lost luggage?


I don’t think so.  I was checkin in this morning (with the Universe).  I was a blank canvas.  Oh, what does one need to know?  The general message was to, hold on loosely.  I started to sing the REO Speedwagon song.  I then heard, “Nothing is concreate.”  To not head in one way, too much.  That this might actually lead one off course.  That we are all artists and we dabble in many things.  Okay, so we are all the Artist formerly know as ___________ (fill in your name).  We are not to claim any (new) baggage.  We are all light beings.  We are to travel, light.  We really don’t need much.  We are more than enough. Continue reading

Let’s get this party started!


The energy the past few days has had two very different themes for me.  One energy of no message/no action needed/have fun and then… these bursts of ADD/ADHD energy.  It’s like, what about this?  Or this?  Or that???  Excitement is great but when it’s too much or so scattered, it can be a bit overwhelming.  As if it surges yet then one needs to take a nap just a few hours later.  And also being uncertain about any of the options.  I think this is the next wave of lightworkers coming online.  They are excited yet, well, do you remember that stage?  It was hard to maintain the energy or do much with ease and grace.  Haha… even for the not so new (me included), this can be a challenge in moments.  So breathing, being centered and knowing helps to balance it all out.  Nothing is urgent.  What is meant to be, will be. Continue reading