Landing in your new domain


And this has nothing to do with an internet site… or physically moving, lol.  It is though a haven… sanctuary… your Zen, utopia; a safe place.

It is what a spiritual journey will do for you… amongst many other things.  It might just reset you to a life that was always meant to be lived… by you, your true path.  A life that you wouldn’t be able to know/comprehend as you start the journey; although you will think you know what it is.

The journey may just wash away all of the experiences, pain, doubt, teachings, labels and expectations that were forced/placed upon you.  The box/confines in which you lived.  And then faith, strength and ways come that allow one to flourish.  You may realize that before you were to scared to live… or felt that you were not allowed to in this, your, way.  Think unlimited, never ending… and allowing it to play out.  Moment by moment.

Isn’t awakening fun… realizing in a moment that you want more than what you settled for…?  And then you realize possibly in another moment, you’ve found/created it.

So what will a spiritual journey do for you?  Ahh…  So many gems to discover as we travel along.

Often what we want actually doesn’t serve us.  Isn’t this perplexing?  When one gets to this place/realization, you might chuckle a bit.  Yet the desire did serve a purpose.  Just add it to the serendipity list.


Picture found online, Eric Pare… amazing…


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