I now feel like I am understanding these first four months of 2017.¬† Better later than never, lol.¬† So NOT what I thought at the end of 2016.¬† We’d done so much work last year, my mind was certain instant manifestations and pow-boom-bam would be happening for many.¬† And for some, it has.¬† For a group of us though, we’ve been knowing yet a bit perplexed.¬† I smile though… as I am happy for all of this. Continue reading

Roll Call

Is a roll call needed…?¬† Some will understand as the more recent energy may have taken one on quite a journey/experience/process.¬† Or may have been felt as a workout (Up, down, UP) or half marathon (and that hitting the wall moment).¬† Gheez… there have just been so many moments.¬† Yet, let’s begin this in gratitude… knowing… a breath… and hopefully a smile. Continue reading

Energy Update


Is today Earth Day?¬† If so… that’s obviously not my piece to write on, lol.¬† Isn’t every day Earth Day?¬† I am just checking in.¬† In the past 10 days or so I’ve been in an energy/process.¬† I had a day where I could write some and scheduled those.¬† So if you feel (being as intuitive/dialed in as your are) as if something in my writing is missing… ūüôā¬†¬†¬† I’ve been honoring the/my process.¬† So for now, I just wanted to pass along this is a high energy weekend and your mind… might not understand… or is/may be¬†grasping to.¬† And your heart may be feeling, much.¬† I had to meditate twice this morning before I could do anything.¬† Continue reading